Located on Doncaster Road, Ackworth Cemetery was first opened in 1941 with the first burial taking place in August of that year. The Cemetery is open to members of the public between 1st April and 30th September from 8 am; and between 1st October until 31st March from 9 am until sunset. Children under 10 are not admitted unless in the care of a responsible person.

The cemetery is open to residents and non-residents. In 2010 the cemetery was extended. This new section is used for residents only. In 2016 improvements were made to the roadways within the cemetery including a new access path to the new section.

There is a memorial garden with benches and a dedicated ashes section.

Only stonemasons registered with the Parish Council can carry out work in the cemetery. A list of these can be obtained from the Council Office.

Memorial Safety Testing is carried out on a five-year rolling programme, the next test is due 2027.

There is a dedicated attendant at the cemetery responsible for grounds maintenance.


The charges are split into two categories – resident’s fees and non-resident fees. The formula used to work out the fees is; resident’s fees are 60% of Wakefield MDC Cemetery fees and non-residents fees are 20% above Wakefield MDC fees. A resident is someone who lived in the village at the time of death, for at least a year, and has paid a full year’s council tax.


Cemetery entrance

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Ackworth Parish Council is a member of the Institute of Cemetery and Cremetorium Management
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