All decisions on planning matters are made by the Local Planning Authority (LPA) Wakefield MDC.

As a statutory consultee the Ackworth Parish Council work to reflect the priorities and values shared by the community in influencing planning decisions to benefit the community. Ackworth Parish Council has no direct power to approve or refuse planning applications. The Parish Council are able to object to applications and ask questions of the LPA.  

Ackworth Parish Council will object to tree felling in the parish unless the tree is dead, dying or in a dangerous condition and will resist any inappropriate development in green belt.

All planning matters are presented to the Parish Council at its monthly meeting and disclosed to the public, and any agreed action will be followed up.

Government planning regulations required Local Authorities to identify Local Service Centres.  The Regional Spatial Strategy defines Local Service Centres as "towns and villages that provide services that meet the needs of, and are accessible to people living in surrounding rural areas."  Ackworth Moor Top matched this description and so was designated a Local Service Centre in the 2007 Local Development Framework.  This designation is to meet the requirement of government planning guidelines. Ackworth is still a village.

If you wish to make a comment about any current application, please do so online at or write to Planning Services, Wakefield One, PO Box 700, Burton Street, Wakefield, WF1 2EB.

Planning Consultation 2020

Changes to Current Planning System  


The Parish Council received a request from National Association of Local Councils for a response to this.

Click here to see the response to part one sent on behalf of the Parish Council.

Click here to see the response to part two sent on behalf of the Parish Council. 

Where the Parish Council has not responded to a question on the consultation it is because there was insufficient time to fully inform ourselves of the implications or it was a complex question and we lacked the expertise to answer the question in an informed way.

The Government is proposing to make radical changes to Existing Planning Legislation.  Broadly speaking Local Development Plans will be replaced by a zonal system.


There will be 3 areas


  • GROWTH AREAS: where development will be regarded as Permissible in Principle.
  • RENEWABLE AREAS: where some development will be allowed such as in-fill in villages etc.
  • PROTECTED AREAS: green belt will be included in this new zone along with conservation areas, sites of scientific importance and protection for Historic Buildings.


Consultations Open for Residents

********************************************************* THESE CONSULTATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED *********************************************************


Ackworth Parish Council is looking for your opinion regarding the proposed South Featherston Link Road, which is included in the current Wakefield District Local Plan 2036 consultation document.

A short online survey through "Survey Monkey" at has been setup and we would appreciate your time in completing this.

This consultation is being advertised on Facebook, on our noticeboards throughout the village and a paper copy is included in the Parish Council newsletter which is due for distribution next week.

The deadline for submissions online and by post is 12 noon on Wednesday 30 December 2020.

If you have any questions about this consultation please telephone 01977 611583 or email


CONSULTATION FOR THE WHOLE WAKEFIELD DISTRICT - Publication Draft Local Plan - October 2020

Wakefield Council is currently consulting on the next phase as they prepare the Wakefield District Local Plan 2036.  It sets out planning framework for sustainable development, inclusive economic growth and protecting the environment across the district over the next 15 years. 

Changes have been made following a consultation in 2019.  Have your say and share you views on the updated plan.

The consultation is open and has been extended until Thursday 31st December 2020.  You can also see the key changes leaflet and online exhibition at Emerging Local Plan 2036