Updates from Parish Council Meeting

Published: 03 March 2020


Update from the March Parish Council meeting:

· A training session was held for Councillors on Governance and Ethical Framework and as a result several amendments to Standing Orders were made as was a change in status of Working Groups / sub committees. These are:

· The Road Safety Working Group becomes a Committee

· The Allotment Working Group becomes a Sub Committee of the Village Facilities Committee

· The Planning Sub Committee becomes a Sub Committee of the Finance & General Purposes Committee

· Approved actions from the Village Facilities Committee:

· Tree Planting – A tree planting scheme would be drawn up, identifying species of trees for Carr Bridge and Low Ackworth playing fields along with costings with a view to begin planting in the autumn.

· Room hire charges have been reviewed. An increase of 20p per hour with effect from 1 April 2020 – this is the first increase in charges since 2014.

· To maximise the use of the Pavilion it was agreed to look at alternative sports.

· Brackenhill Centre – painting the outside of the building and installing a new electric heater in the main room.

· Community Centre Bell Lane / Pavilion / Low Ackworth – car parks – to re paint the white lines

· Community Centre, Council room – purchase a hearing loop

February 2020 Precept:

For the third year running the Parish Council agreed that the Precept charge to residents for the forthcoming year 2020/2021 will not increase from its current charge which for a band D property is £74.43.

Community Rooms:

The Parish Council agreed to allow 2 groups using the centre for their weekly / monthly meetings to do so without charge:

Wakefield & District Carers Group hold a monthly meeting at the Parish Council Community on the third Friday of the month. For further information about the group please contact 01924 305544

Down Memory Lane Singing Group for people in the early to moderate stages of dementia and their carers. They meet at Carr Bridge Pavilion each Wednesday afternoon 1pm to 3 pm no need to book, just turn up.


The Parish Council have for a number of years been concerned about the amount of trees that have been removed through planning consent and not been replaced. Following a decision taken by the Council in December the Clerk consulted with a local Tree Surgeon to identify suitable locations in the village for additional tree planting. In the first instance the Parish Council agreed that the areas to be planted would be on land that the Parish Council have responsibility for, i.e Carr Bridge playing field, Brackenhill playing field, Low Ackworth playing field, the Village Green and the Cemetery. The next step is to organise a tree planting scheme, ready to begin planting in the autumn.