Willow Tree Removal

Published: 15 October 2020

Unfortunately the willow tree on Chiltern Drive \ Barnsley Road has had to be cut down. 

The tree shed a limb recently and as a precaution WDH carried out a more detailed examination of the tree and it identified a further failure point (over the highway), and a pathogen called Stereum sp. As the tree was protected by a TPO consent was sought (and given) from Wakefield Council before removing it under the exception of dangerous.

This pathogen does not cause the tree to lose its leaves or start to die which is visible and people can see the issues. This pathogen affects the internal structure of the tree, which isn’t visible, it compromises its flexing capabilities so in windy weather it is more prone to limb shedding.

WDH aim to replace this tree and have the TPO re- attached to the tree so it has future value for the residents and neighbours.