A628 Improvements

Published: 14 January 2021


Having pressed for improvements on the A628 Castlesyke Hill, we are pleased to report that Wakefield Council are proposing to implement a revision to the road markings on the A628 between High Ackworth and Pontefract.

The scheme consists of the creation of a hatched centre of carriageway zone between the junction of the A628 Sandy Gate Lane and Pontefract. The hatching would be backed with high visibility red surface treatment to increase its visual impact. Existing edge of carriageway markings would be refurbished with wider lines than at present; additional edge of carriageway markings would be implemented between High Ackworth and the A628/Sandy Gate Lane junction where these are not currently present. Four centre of carriageway traffic islands provided with retro-reflective “Keep Left” bollards would be constructed between the A628/Sandy Gate Lane junction and Pontefract, these being spaced at regular intervals along this section of the A628.

The provision of centre of carriageway hatching, red surfacing and traffic islands, and the widened edge of carriageway markings as described is designed to create a significant visual constraining of the perceived width of carriageway. Constraining the road environment in this way modifies driver’s perception of their own safety: a lack of perceived space causes the driver to feel less safe and thus by creating the impression of a narrow carriageway the driver’s perception of the safe maximum speed is reduced.