WMDC Climate Forum Q&A

Published: 02 March 2021

Dear residents, 
A summary of the WMDC Climate Forum Q&A Webinar held Tuesday 23rd February 2021, attended by Ackworth Parish Councillors Amanda Cook, Martin Roberts and John Bell as members of the parish council’s Climate Group.

Questions were directed to, Cllr Jack Hemingway - Deputy leader with responsibility for Climate Change and Greenspaces,  Cllr Maureen Cummings - Environment Communities and Poverty,  Glynn Humphries - Corporate Director, Communities, Environment and Climate Change
There were 20 questions from the public over the hour-long session. These ranged from concerns about littering to Wakefield’s proposed Solar Farms; Use of electric vehicles to involving young people in schemes to improve the environment.
Cllr Cook highlighted Ackworth Parish Council's recent declaration on Climate Change and gave information on Government grants available to local councils to promote the agenda for change.
Cllr Hemingway agree to meet with the Ackworth Parish Councillors to explore how we can work together to promote our local initiatives.  These include wildflower seeding verges in the village and tree planting schemes.
Our "Old Holes Quarries" initiative fits with Wakefield Councils drive to set up "Pocket Parks", or miniature Country Parks in the area.

All Ackworth Councillors who attended felt that there was a positive will to push the agenda to combat Climate Change from Wakefield Council, and that we will be supported in our local efforts to make Ackworth greener.