Key Decisions

Published: 17 March 2023

At its meeting in March, the Parish Council approved the following:

  • Plants: A spend of up to £200 for the planting up and ongoing maintenance of the planters in Low Ackworth Play Area
  • Wildflower Areas: Additional wildflower seeds would be spread in the existing wildflower areas
  • Sponsorship of hanging baskets would be offered to businesses in the village; terms and conditions apply.
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding would be split equally between the three previously agreed projects; exercise equipment along Dando Way, a new build project for Low Ackworth Community Centre, and making operational the new Quarries Community Centre.
  • A "Statement of Intent" was approved for the spending of reserves.
  • Delegated Powers: The Village Events Committee has delegated powers to ensure the planned events over the summer go ahead.
  • Cancelled Meetings: April's Parish Council would be cancelled along with any future planned Committee Meeting with the exception of Personnel and Village Events.
To view all of the recommendations from the Committees and approved actions from the Parish Council, head over to the Your Council page.  Agendas and minutes from the meetings can be found there.